The Groks Radio Show

From 2013-2015, I co-hosted the Groks Science Show, which aired live on WHPK 88.5, Chicago, IL. This hour-long radio program covered science news and is also available online as a podcast.

Select News Coverage

2015. Seeder el-Showk, Nature, Accumulating Glitches, “Tinkering with Fins

2014. Seeder el-Showk, Nature, Accumulating Glitches, “The evolution of adipose fins

2014. Geoffrey Mohan, Los Angeles Times, Science Now, “Overlooked fish fin stirs the waters of evolution

2014. Rina Shaikh Lesho, The Scientist, “Convergent Fish Fins

2014. Futurity, “Re-run Evolution Puts Fin on Fish Backs

2014. Nautilus – Three-Sentence Science, “Fish Fins Disrupt Evolution’s Path

2010. Science Daily, “Lopsided fish show that symmetry is only skin deep

2010. The Naked Scientist, “The fish with wonky mouths